UoA 2. Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care – 4* impact case studies

Avoiding harm and evaluating benefit: establishing and implementing an evidence-based policy for prostate cancer screening in the UK (University of Bristol)

Bristol research leads to a worldwide fall in the number of cot deaths. (University of Bristol)

Cataract Surgery – Quality of Life Benefits and Improved Access to Treatment in the UK and beyond (University of Bristol)

DECIPHer-ASSIST: Reducing teenage smoking through a cost-effective prevention programme (University of Bristol)

Fewer suicides worldwide following changes in policy and practice influenced by University of Bristol research (University of Bristol)

Improving treatment guidelines, life expectancy and access to life insurance for HIV positive people (University of Bristol)

Patients, organisations providing clinical guidelines, and commercial companies benefit from new approach to comparing multiple healthcare options (University of Bristol)

Reducing domestic violence through IRIS, a training and support programme that improves the response of general practice (University of Bristol)

Improving air quality and health through design and evaluation of Traffic Control Schemes in London (King’s College London)

South London Stroke Register: Informing Innovation in Stroke Care (King’s College London)

Sickle Cell Disease: Introduction Of Population Screening Linked To Improved Treatment Services (King’s College London)

Improving health outcomes and primary care services for osteoarthritis in primary care (Keele University)

Optimising clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of primary care for patients with back pain (Keele University)

UOA02-01: Evidence Based Treatment and Prevention of Eclampsia (University of Oxford)

UOA02-02: Antiplatelet Therapy for Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes (University of Oxford)

UOA02-03: Statin Therapy for Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes (University of Oxford)

UOA02-04: Underpinning Evidence-based Policy for Management of Influenza in Pregnant Women (University of Oxford)

UOA02-05: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer Risk: The Million Women Study (University of Oxford)

UOA02-06: Shaping International and UK Tobacco Policy and Practice (University of Oxford)

Effects of outdoor air pollutants on human health (St George’s, University of London)

Effects of parental smoking on respiratory health among children (St George’s, University of London)


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